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Enroute Charges

We specialize in arranging air navigation and enroute charges for our customers' flights when applicable. Air navigation charges encompass fees levied on aircraft for utilizing the airspace of a specific country. These charges are critical for sustaining and operating air traffic control services, air navigation facilities, and other related services overseen by the country's Civil Aviation Authority (CAA). In essence, air navigation charges represent the cost associated with accessing and navigating through a country's airspace.

We ensure to obtain the overflight permits and arrange the associated Air Navigation and Enroute Charges for flight operators smoothly and compliantly, making international flights hassle-free.

We ensure meticulous attention and expertise in managing the air navigation charges for our clients' flights. It is crucial to handle these charges diligently, adhering to the regulations and guidelines set by each country. By ensuring professional management, potential issues such as permit rejections or operational disruptions can be avoided, ensuring smooth and compliant flight operations.

Air navigation charges in each country are managed by the respective Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) or designated organizations such as IATA, EUROCONTROL, ASECNA, COCESNA. The entity responsible for receiving and processing these charges varies according to the country's regulations. This role may be fulfilled by the airline, flight operator, or the permit applicant appointed for this purpose.

Air navigation charges vary in how they are calculated across different countries worldwide. We categorize these calculations into three main methods used globally. The first method is based on a fixed amount. The second method calculates charges based on Maximum Take-Off Weight (MTOW). Lastly, charges can also be determined based on MTOW and the distance flown.


Flight Permits

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