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Landing Permits

We specialize in efficiently securing landing permits, essential landing clearances that allow aircraft to land and operate at international airports worldwide. We provide landing permits for all types of operations, whether private general aviation or commercial aviation, individual or block permits, and cover more than 180 countries. The application process for landing permits can vary greatly depending on the country and the purpose of the flight. While they are typically mandatory for most international flights, additional requirements may apply, such as details about the purpose of landing, the receiving party, slot confirmation, handling confirmation, or CNOR/CNEE information for cargo flights.

Our expertise ensures to obtain the landing permits for flight operators smoothly and compliantly, making international flights hassle-free.

Permit Requirements

1 / Operator and Aircraft Information

Operator's name and billing address, Aircraft Registration, Type and MTOW

2 / Flight Schedule

Date of every sector, departure and arrival airport, ETD and ETA in every sector, ATC Route and Entry/Exit points.

3 / Purpose of Flight

Private, Business, Medevac, Aid, UN,  Passenger or Cargo Flight. Name of passengers (Passenger Manifest), or nature of cargo (Cargo Manifest) for cargo operations.

4 / Aircraft Documents

AOC, AR, CoA, ANC, Insurance Certificate, and Crew License.

5/ Additional Requirements

Slot confirmation and handling confirmation may apply depending on the airport.

We receive all required flight information and aircraft documents from our client. This includes specifics like the flight schedule, crew details, aircraft information, and relevant certificates. It's crucial to understand that requirements differ based on the type of permit being requested—whether it's for an overflight or landing, a non-scheduled or scheduled flight, a private or commercial flight, etc. These requirements also vary from airport to airport.

Short Notice Flight Permit reflects our dedication to promptly addressing your permit requirements, even under tight deadlines. We understand that timing is crucial, and the lead time for processing permits can significantly impact your operational success. While some countries require permit applications to be submitted 24 to 72 hours before departure, our expertise enables us to meet these urgent demands and secure permits within hours whenever feasible.


Flight Permits

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