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Local Handlers

Our local handlers network support our customers' flights in most locations, especially where Fixed Base Operators (FBO) are unavailable or airport authorities lack efficiency. Our extensive network of ground handlers includes international local agents equipped to handle various types of aircraft. These agents either possess the necessary handling equipment or source it directly from airport handling companies. In remote airports, some local handlers act as local handling agents, overseeing and coordinating all ground activities to ensure smooth operations and fast turnaround.

Delivering seamless ground handling support, allowing you to focus on what matters most—your business.

Fully equipped ground handlers: These handlers possess all the necessary ground handling equipment and are prepared to handle any type of aircraft independently.

Partially equipped ground handlers: These handlers have some handling equipment on hand and collaborate with the airport authority to procure any additional equipment required. They operate from their own facilities at the ramp and coordinate with local authorities to ensure comprehensive handling for any aircraft.

Local handling agents: In more remote locations, we employ supervisory agents who oversee and coordinate all ground activities, ensuring efficient and smooth handling even when resources are limited.


Ground Handling Support

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