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Your Flight Permits Made Easy

We pride ourselves on being your reliable source for permit knowledge and acquisition. We are committed to making your aviation journey hassle-free and efficient, ensuring that every flight takes off without a hitch. 

We Make Flight Permits Easy for Flight Operators

We redefine the aviation landscape by providing unparalleled flight permit solutions.


As a dedicated team of experts, we understand the intricate challenges that flight operators, airliners, flight dispatchers, and directors of operations face in securing overflight and landing permits across diverse global jurisdictions.


We've made it our mission to streamline this process, setting new standards in efficiency, transparency, and cost-effectiveness.


Discover a world where your flight permits are managed with precision and care, ensuring your flights take off smoothly and reach new heights.


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Navigating the Skies

Streamlining Global Flight Permits

For less than 5 years, more than 150 international flight operators and airliners depend on us for all their overflight and landing permits, globally at 180+ countries in the world.


Flight Operators 




Overflight and Landing Permits obtained since 2020

Flight Permits: What you need to know.

VarnaJet - Permit Portal Intro

VarnaJet - Permit Portal Intro

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A New Tool for Flight Operators

Now, breaking new ground, VarnaJet introduces a revolutionary tool that promises to redefine how flight operators access crucial permit information. The Permit Search is a cutting-edge subscription service designed exclusively...


Our updates for media press

In this article, leading flight permits company VarnaJet directs you through the often convoluted process of obtaining overflight and landing permits and demonstrates how their expertise makes it a seamless experience.


VarnaJet welcomes 150+ airlines and flight operators to its portfolio

VarnaJet, a leading flight permits company headquartered in the United Kingdom, is making waves in the aviation industry with its global presence and strategic operation centers in the United States, East Europe, Africa, and Dubai, UAE...

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