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CAA Permit Fee

In some countries in Africa and Asia, a CAA Permit Processing Fee is required to issue overflight or landing permits. When applied, this fee varies significantly from one country to another. At VarnaJet, we manage this fee on behalf of our clients, ensuring they don't have to worry about it. Additionally, this fee is not refundable if the flight is canceled. It's important to note that the CAA Permit Processing Fee is distinct from the Air Navigation Charge, which is a separate cost associated with the flight.

We ensure to obtain the overflight and landing permits and arrange the associated CAA Permit Processing Fee for flight operators smoothly and compliantly, making international flights hassle-free.

Not all countries impose a CAA Permit Processing Fee; however, it is crucial for flight operators to be aware of these potential charges. At VarnaJet, we ensure our clients are informed about any additional fees that need to be paid to CAA by providing access to our extensive resources. This proactive approach helps our clients plan and budget more effectively, avoiding any unexpected costs associated with securing overflight or landing permits.

We ensure that any CAA Permit Processing Fee paid on behalf of our clients is accompanied by supporting documents. Our company policy is to handle these fees securely and in full compliance with regulatory requirements. This ensures the smooth operation of your flights without unwelcome surprises, providing transparency and peace of mind for all our clients.


Flight Permits

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