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Flight Permits 

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What we do

Streamlining Your Pre-Flight overflight and landing Permits

Flight permits, an essential precursor to takeoff, are a pivotal aspect of flight operations. They are often mandated in various countries, either to overfly their airspace or to land at specific airports. However, the complexity arises from the fact that permit requirements vary based on the country, flight type, and purpose.

Navigating these permit intricacies can be a cumbersome task. Understanding the evolving regulations across different Civil Aviation Authorities and Airports further compounds the challenge. This is where VarnaJet steps in, simplifying the process and consolidating permit knowledge into one accessible platform.

Our Permit Search is a game-changer, offering a centralized and automated solution for flight operators, regardless of whether they are managing private non-commercial flights, commercial charter flights, or scheduled/cargo flights. With a few clicks, our platform provides comprehensive insights into permit necessity, requirements, and operational updates.

How we do it

Effortless Communication and Expertise

In the vast realm of aviation, permit knowledge is paramount. VarnaJet's Permit Search eliminates the complexities associated with permit requirements by consolidating the data into an easy-to-access platform. Whether you need to know if a permit is needed for a specific country, permit type, or purpose of flight, our platform provides the answers swiftly and accurately.

Utilizing our portal, flight operators experience a seamless communication process when handling permit requests. Our permit experts manage the entire process, ensuring precision and eliminating errors or delays. This hands-on approach guarantees that the permit obtaining process is smooth, efficient, and error-free.

At VarnaJet, we pride ourselves on being your reliable source for permit knowledge and acquisition. We are committed to making your aviation journey hassle-free and efficient, ensuring that every flight takes off without a hitch. Trust VarnaJet for a streamlined permit process, and experience a new level of ease in your flight operations.

Flight Permit Process


Permit Search

Use our free permit search tool to gather all the information you need to review the requirements for your trip comprehensively.


Permit Request

Subscribe to our Pro Plan or VIP Plan, or contact us for a customized plan as you go, and start submitting your flight permit requests 24/7.


Permit obtained

Receive up-to-date information on your request and get the permits required quickly and efficiently.

Solutions for every
Flight Operator


Basic Plan

Permit Search is available for any Flight Operator. Full access to Permit Search is free.


Pro Plan

In addition to Permit Search, Flight Operator subscribers will have up to 10 Flight Permits per month.


VIP Plan

In addition to Permit Search, Flight Operator subscribers will have unlimited flight permits per month and in every month.


Customized Plan

Flight Operators also request a customized plan where they request global flight permits as they go with no commitment to a specific number of permits per month.

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