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Overview of What Permit Portal Provides

All subscribers will be able to see the most recent updates of all aspects of flight permits and flight operations, just right at your fingertips, you will be able to know if the overflight or the landing permit is required for a specific flight based on the country, permit type, and purpose of flight:

CIPIR, PR, PO, CI, OU, AD, and ACAAC is what the Permit Portal provides - scroll down and see more details.

If you have any question of our Pricing Plans, you can check our FAQ in the site footer or click Sign Up bottom for all details. Welcome to our Permit Portal.

Check if Permit is Required

Check if the overflying countries for your flight require permits, or the permit in some countries are not required? Check our CIPIR tool, check if the Permit is required at any country you overfly or land.

Permit Requirements

Check the additional required information and documents for your flight permit application. Select the country name from the 223 countries worldwide, permit type, and purpose of flight and see the requirements.

Permit Overview

Check the permit validity, lead time, issuance authority and other permit information for any selected country.

Country Information

Check more general information about any country that helps you know where you are heading to.

Ops Update

Check the permit updates, operations updates, SLOTs, NOTAMS, AIPs headlines and much more at the 223 countries worldwide

Airport Details

Check all airport details in any selected country worldwide, Aiport name, ICAO code, IATA code, city name, elevation, and VFR/IFR capability.

Airport & CAA Charges

Check the airport fee, landing fee, parking fee, lighting fee, and air navigation fee at any selected country.

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